Knowledgeable is a VR application that aims to empower its users with the "method of Loci". With this software, you can understand, practice and use this method to learn various lists of concepts. This application has been developed as a final project of Engineering degree in the Polytechnic School of the University of Nantes. A draft of research paper is associated with the conception and development of this application.

FYI this website contains HEAVY gifs. So it might take a while if you don't have a good bandwidth or you are in another country/continent than the hosting server.

With Knowledgeable you can create new "Palaces" by associating one of the four maps and one of the lists of elements to learn (e.g. Paradoxes, cognitive bias...). If you want to add a new list(example) to the current system, contact You can load or remove the different saved palaces from the main menu.

Once you are in the palace, you can see the list of elements-to-be-remembered with the left-hand menu. For each element, you can see its description, create a new cube associated to it, or remove the cubes associated.

In Knowledgeable you are able to represent the elements-to-be-remembered with a number of associated cubes. You can apply on the cubes any images through the Cube Creator, an image search engine. For example, if you are learning the cognitive bias and you select the "Anchoring", you can build a cube with an anchor on it.

To enhance your memorisation you can interact with the cubes. You can grab them and change their position, rotation and size(using the thumbstick).

Download for : Oculus Rift
Download for : Oculus Quest